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PSH Vertical-Horizontal Parking System :: Two - Layer Type

Two-layer type Three-layer type Multi-layer type

Operation Principle:

The top pallets can make up and down movements while the ground pallets only need to move left to right. There is a spare parking space on the ground floor whose position can be changed right under the vehicle needing to be out through driving system. Vehicles on the ground pallet can go in and out of parking system directly.



•Makes full use of parking space and increases quantity of parking Vehicles. Especially suitable for Residential developments and reconstruction of underground garage.
•Both combining and modular installation are possible, can meet all kinds of requirements.
•PLC control, easy operation, convenient parking. IC card, touch screen or button mode are all possible.
•Lifting system includes chain type, steel rope type, fluid drive etc.


Steel wire rope:
Rear cantilever (fluid drive):
Front-rear space:
PSH5D type Sketch Map:
Main Technical Data:

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