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PSH Vertical-Horizontal Parking System

Two-layer type Three-layer type Multi-layer type

PSH Vertical-Horizontal Parking System view video


Operation Principle

Except the top floor, each floor has a spare parking space and front-rear guide rails.
Each parking space has a pallet which moves horizontally on the guide rail.
The pallets on the top floor make up-down movements while the ones on the ground floor make left-right horizontal movements.
The other ones can move either left to right or up and down through continuous space shift, parking and fetching a vehicle out can be carried out.



•Can be built according to the customer's requirements from 2 to 5-layer, multi-layer or multi-space types are all possible.
•Low cost, easy maintenance.
•Simple demand of earthwork. Wide applicability, can be arranged and combined according to variety landform and extensily suitable for construction and reconstruction of overground and underground garage.

Main Structure:

•Steel Structure
•Moving System
•Control System
•Safe-guard System

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