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PSH Vertical-Horizontal Parking System :: Multi - Layer Type

Two-layer type Three-layer type Multi-layer type

Operation Principle:

The top pallets can move up and down movements while the second,third, forth pallets can move either left to right or up and down.
There is a spare parking space on the second, third, forth floor whose position can be changed through the horizontal shift of the pallets.
Then the top pallet right over the spare parking space can go down to the ground floor.
Vehicles on the ground pallet can go in and out of the parking system directly.



Economically parking, a lot of space will be saved.
PLC control, easy operation, convenient parking. IC card, touch screen, or button mode are all possible.
4 point suspending wire rope for driving system, stable movement, ensure
the safety of the up and down of the vehicles.
Built in drop-protection, prevents failure and accidents.
Photoelectric checking system which controls vehicle standard and parking place.
Photoelectric security checking, automatically stop when people goes in by accident.
Emergency stop pushbutton, avoid accident.
High quality steel,inside and outside thermal-galvanization, imported electric control components.
Safe Operation, low maintenance.

PSH11D-2K type Frontal Sketch Map:
Main Technical Data:

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