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PSC Speedy Parking System

Operation Principle: view video

Speedy parking system is also called elevator parking system. It is a highly automatic parking system. It uses lifting system to carry vehicles or pallets to the appointed layer and then use device setting on the lifter to carry in or retrieve vehicles or pallets.


Little occupied ground, high capacity, can park more than 40 cars in 50 sq meters.
  • Highly automatic, low usage of electricity, low noise, fast speed of parking.
  • Tension and frequency conversion, stable operation, high security, easy maintenance, convenient management.
  • Exterior wall can be made of steel or concrete, novel design.
  • Close management, safe, theft proof.
  • Several kinds of automatic checking system and guiding system.
    Main Structure:
    • Steel structure or concrete structure
    • Lifting system
    • Convey system
    • Control system
    • Safe-guard system
    Sketch Map:

    Main Technical Data:

    Safety devices:

    Optional functions:

    • Touch Screen Operation System
    • Management System
    • Toll Collecting System
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