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Ten Key Security Measures That Ensure A Safe Car Park

Ten Security Measures:

1) The multi-photoelectric checking system and car-blocking equipment can check the size and position of parking vehicles efficiently.
2) If anyone enters the parking area while the system is moving, an alarm sounds and the system stops.
3) Anti-dropping system.
4) The checking system can prevent the steel wire rope and roller chains from to coming lose or breaking.
5) The limit system can protect the equipment running out of limits.
6) The out-time limit system will work when the system of position-switch and limitswitch are out of control.
7) Should there be any electrical problem the system will protect itself.
8) Automatic door which have the function of clamping protection.
9) Should there be any mal-function, the system will stop automatically and display the problem mail-function code at the same time.
10) The emergency switch can be used to cut power off when there is emergency.


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