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Procedure of parking and fetching out vehicles

Lengthways type Crosswise type Parking Vehicles

  1.Get onto platform as the opening of the entrance or exit or lifter, vehicles are carried onto the platform and stop at the pointed position.   2. Driver give order for going into the system by pushing the operation buttons.


  4. When the vehicle reach the entrance or exit , the system releases out robot to lift and tows it into the system.   3. Through horizontal and vertical movement, the system tows the vehicle to the entrance or exit under the accepted order.


  5.Through vertical and horizontal movement, send the vehicle to the nearest parking place.   6. Robot return to its original place after releasing the vehicle and the parking is finished.


Toll-Collecting System


Optional Toll Collecting as the vehicle goes in or out of the system.

Time Saving.

Nothing lose or break.

Easy to use and understand.


System can read both permanent or temporary cards.

Pay as you go, account , or top-up methods aveilable.


Computer controlled.

Eliminates human error.

Automatic vechicle loggin and tracking.

Efficient management of the car parking administration.

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