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PPY Best Parking System

Lengthways type Crosswise type Parking Vehicles

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Operation Principle

Through lift(vertical lifting)and can (horizontal to-and-fro movements), vehicles are
automatically conveyed into multi-layer designed parking place, it Is often called
cart parking system.
It is suitable for installing in super and middle-sized buildings or public buildings.
Because it can contain 20 vehicles to several thousand vehicles, it is more suitable
for super-sized parking space. More than 2 vehicles can come in and out at the same time.
It also can be divided into lengthways type and crosswise type according to the
organizing modes.



Carts and Lifts can move separately without interference to each other, quicken up parking and fetching speed. Full use of underground space, can park more than
thousands of vehicles
It there is something wrong with some parts it does not effect the other parts.
More comfortable & much safer.
Adoption of frequency and speed conversion, stable movement, accurate
Efficiently configured, convenient management.

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